Matlab script added for the computation and visualization of scattering distributions in Geometrical Acoustics

As promised at the International Congress on Acoustics 2013, Montreal, Canada, you can download the Matlab script for the computation and visualization of Reflection Angle Probability Functions here at openMeasurements.

Just follow this link: Scattering distributions in Geometrical Acoustics

Huge measurement series of RIR in the Cathedral of Lausanne

In a joint project, the Institute for Audiovisual Communications (LCAV) at EPFL, Switzerland, and the Institute of Technical Acoustics (ITA) at RWTH Aachen University, Germany, carried out a huge measurement series of Room Impulse Responses (RIR) in the Cathedral of Lausanne. Using state-of-the-art measurement technology, over 600 RIRs and nearly 90 Binaural RIRs (BRIR), each with a Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) of over 70dB (broadband), were acquired resulting in a dense three-dimensional grid of high quality impulse response measurements over the entire seating area.

The complete set of RIRs/BRIRs along with a detailed description of the measurements is given here:
Reproducible Research Repository – eCathedral

As a small teaser, enjoy an examplary auralization of measured BRIRs, packaged within a beautiful 360-degree visual tour in- and outside the Cathedral. Please make sure to wear appropriate headphones.

Click on the image below to start the audio-visual tour. Note: large file size, please allow demo to completely load.

* Click and drag mouse to change view (or use keyboard arrows).
* Click on grey spheres to jump from one viewpoint to another.
* Click on the grey file symbol to view a still image at the marked position.
* Access the quick navigation menu (QNM) by clicking on the small map located at the top left corner.
* In the QNM, click on the grey triangles to listen to an auralization at the specific position.
* Press ‘a’ to zoom in and ‘z’ to zoom out.

Click to start the audio-visual tour. Click to start the virtual audio-visual tour.

Redesign of openMeasurements

It’s been a while since this site was updated, but I took the opportunity to completely redesign the webpage and add more content. Especially the section “Edge Diffraction from a Noise Barrier” is completely revised and much new content was added. Enjoy!